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Schedule a Physical Exam When it Works for You

Scheduling a physical exam can be a task and often requires reworking your schedule. Fortunately for residents of Northern Virginia and the surrounding areas, Fairfax Urgent Care is a medical care provider offering walk-in appointments and convenient hours for those with busy schedules.


The different Physical tests performed at Fairfax Urgent Care are listed below.

• Annual Physicals • Employer Pre-Employment • School and Sports Exams
• DOT (Department of Transportation)       medical certification exams  • Employer Drug Testing  • General Health Assessments


Physical exams are used to monitor your overall well-being and to verify the absence of any medical issues. It is also known as a regular checkup or wellness check. The examination is done by a Primary Care Provider (PCP). Getting an annual physical exam is a smart, simple way to take care of your health. The benefits of getting a complete physical examination every year include: Increasing your chances of finding serious problems early so that your doctor can treat them right away; A chance to ask your primary care physician, any difficulties that you’re experiencing physically or about any symptoms.

It is advised to take a physical examination at least once a year to evaluate the general status of your health and key to maintaining excellent health. It’s also often required by employers as part of the hiring process, schools as a new academic year begins, and sports teams when a new season kicks off.

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