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Pediatric Urgent Care

Walk In Pediatric Urgent Care Clinic

Looking for an walk in pediatric urgent care center in Fairfax county Virginia, committed to offering exceptional medical services for your children? Our pediatric urgent care clinic provides a fast, convenient, and less expensive option than the Emergency Room for many common pediatric treatment.

Children require different care compared to adults. Their body development is distinct from that of an adult. Moreover, diseases and illnesses affect children in a differently. Children require specialized care from a set of nurses and doctors trained to handle their emotional, physical and spiritual growth. Making children feel better during the process of diagnosis, the tests, and treatment requires extraordinary qualities and our team of doctors excel in this field. Get your child the care they deserve and at affordable prices. Providing a quick, less expensive alternative to the Emergency Room for pediatric medical needs

• Acne • Eczema / dry skin • Minor Trauma
• Asthma • Impetigo • Minor wound care
• Athlete’s foot • Wart removal • Psoriasis
• Childhood Infectious Diseases • Minor burns and rashes • Ringworm
• Cold sores • Minor skin infections • Skin Conditions
• Diaper rash • Minor sunburn • Skin lesions/rashes
• Sprains and strains