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It is very common that people become confused with the difference between Urgent Care and Primary Care doctors offices. Who do you see regularly? Which one usually has the convenience of extended hours and no appointments necessary? Where do for the diagnosis and treatment of acute and chronic conditions, such as diabetes and high blood pressure? With different scopes of practice to remember between the two, it’s easy to get mixed up when trying to decide who to see. To clear up all of the confusion, we’ve decided to write an easy to follow guide so our patients can be confident with the healthcare options they’ve chosen.

“I can’t’s URGENT!”

Urgent care, which can also be referred to as immediate care, bridges the gap between an injury that’s too urgent to wait for the primary care physician and the life-threatening situation that calls for a trip to the emergency room. Built around patient convenience, our Urgent Care clinics have extended hours, and are sometimes even open on holidays.

Anyone that’s visited an emergency room knows that it can be very costly. In fact, according to recent research, up to 84 percent of people who go to the ER don’t have true medical emergencies and may pay up to six times more than necessary.

On the other hand, if you wait days or weeks for an appointment with your primary care physician, you run the risk of your condition getting worse and requiring more complex treatment. This is where an urgent care takes place. Before running to the emergency room when you think you may possibly have a broken bone, we provide urgent care that has x-rays on-site. It’s more affordable, faster, and requires little hassle!