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Diagnostic Test

Diagnostic Test

The key to the right diagnosis of your ailment lies in proper diagnostic testing. It aids physicians to get a confirmation on a disease that was initially a probability. It also validates the presence or absence of the disease in a particular patient. Examples of such tests are in the list given below. We, at Fairfax Urgent Care, provide a quick and pocket-friendly alternative to your diagnostic testing needs. For any questions or information on diagnostic testing, you can fill the form over here. Our team will answer your questions. If you want to book an appointment, fill the form given on this page.

• Blood glucose testing • Complete blood tests/ lab panels • Cultures
• EKG onsite • Rapid Mononucleosis (mono)testing • Rapid Influenza (flu) testing
• Rapid strep testing • Pregnancy test • PPD testing
• Sexually transmitted disease cultures • Spirometry • Thyroid screens
• Urinalysis • X-ray onsite • Labs & Imaging onsite
• Chiropractic Rehabilitation Services