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6 Things You Should Do After A Cold Or Flu

Both cold and flu have similar symptoms and are caused by viruses. They are the most common illnesses in humans. Cold and Flu facts - They have similar symptoms, but the cold is the nicer of the two as flu is accompanied by high fever. Statistics via the Centers for...

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What Causes Leg cramps at Night?

Leg cramps at night, also known as nocturnal cramps or night muscle cramps are common. Especially calf-muscle cramps contribute to the maximum number of cases of leg cramps. There are cases where people suffer from thigh cramps as well.     Leg cramps are a sudden yet...

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Everything You Need To Know About High Cholesterol

We all have cholesterol in our blood. In fact, it's a good thing for our bodies. What is not good is the presence of high levels of cholesterol. Let us look further at the risks, causes, fun facts, and just cholesterol in general. What is Cholesterol? It is waxy like...

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Is it a Cold or Sinus infection?

You have watery eyes, stuffy nose & sneezing? It sounds and feels like a cold. But if it is for many days then this is the time to think, whether it is cold or a sinus infection? What is common cold? If it is a cold virus you may find yourself near to the tissue box...

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